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What if there was a way to treat the body so that the spirit can soar? Where standardized care like prescriptions are only part of the solution.


We believe that every human should be able to reach their created potential without feeling trapped in a body that is working against them. Our mission is to empower you to shine the light of your inner radiance with confidence.

Our bodies are the tangible parts of us that we use to interact with the world. It’s okay to invest in your body and your God-given natural beauty.
No one should shame you out of that, ever.

You will be affirmed and empowered in your unique beauty. At Meeting Point, you will be treated with excellence and respect regardless of your skin type, body shape, or health condition. Our providers are always pursuing advanced continuous education. We spend a ton of money expanding our skills and expertise. Our goal is to make sure that you feel confident and excited about working with us.


No health concern exists in a vacuum. Regardless of the issue, whether it be internal or cosmetic, it can affect how you feel in your body. Functional Medicine aims at finding the root cause of any health issue. Often that will mean that we treat you from the inside out, but it can also mean that we treat you from the outside in.

We also take into account every aspect of who you are when deciding a plan – your goals, ambitions, ancestry, nutrition, vocation, resources, mental health, lifestyle – we will take it all into account with soul-centered care focused on bringing your body into alignment with your mind, spirit, and soul.


Our tools are cutting-edge, evidence-based, and work with your body to employ your body’s natural healing mechanisms to regenerate your cells. We do not cover up problems with band-aid solutions here at Meeting Point. We’ll dig deep and figure out the how and why before we treat.


We strongly believe that the relationship you have with your provider is just as much a part of the treatment as the medicine we give. Tell us your goals and we will make it our mission to get you there.

We safely treat dark skin types


Dr. Matta is amazing! I’ve seen a lot of people concerning my pain and from the beginning he has been instrumental in me getting to a place I am finally happy with.
- Gabi K.
We are both very active, so it is great to be able to use Meeting Point Health as a resource if we have any muscular pain or even if we need to boost our recovery.
- Rachel S.
I cannot more highly recommend Dr Matta and his team. They deeply care about their patients.
- Christo S.


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