Disc Herniations

Disc Herniations , or herniated discs, are a result of another medical condition. The term “herniation” refers to the actual process in which the soft, gel-like material inside the disc pushes through the tough exterior of the disk. When the disc herniates, the nerve that runs through the center of the spinal column can be put under pressure, resulting in damage to the nerve. In many cases, a herniated disc can press on a nerve and not cause any problems at all, but in some it can lead to pain and numbness in areas controlled by that affected nerve.

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Common causes of disc herniation include:


Disc Herniations are diagnosed  through clinical examination, which includes a thorough neurological assessment of muscle and nerve function. An MRI can also be used to confirm the diagnosis of a disc herniation. MRI of the spine  is the best method to show if disc herniation is present. X-rays can help rule out other conditions that might produce symptoms similar to disc herniation


For most people, non-surgical treatment of a herniated disc is the best option.  Treatment goals involve decreasing compression and inflammation around the nerve, thereby creating more space for the nerve to function properly.  Hands-on treatment using osteopathic manipulation as well as medical acupuncture can help to decrease pain and improve function and improve blood flow to the spine.  

Regenerative injection treatments including Prolozone, PRP, and Prolotherapy can help reduce pain caused by herniated disc and also allow the body’s natural process to provide healing of the disc and nerve. 


60 min

Typically once per week

There is often little downtime from the treatment itself.  Depending on the severity of the herniation, recovery can vary from days to weeks, with a step-wise improvement after each treatment.  We recommend no heavy lifting or NSAIDS before or after treatment.

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