Nerve Pain

Nerve Pain is often caused by entrapment or impingement of a nerve. The resulting pain can cause burning, tingling, numbness, throbbing, pulsing, or sensations of running water.

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Common Types of Peripheral Entrapment Neuropathy that cause Nerve Pain

Peripheral Entrapment Neuropathy

When nerves become compressed or irritated, it can cause nerve pain, commonly located in the neck, shoulder, arm, legs, and/or hand. This type of compression is called peripheral entrapment neuropathy which is common in people who use computers for extended periods of time, especially if they sit with poor posture or cannot adjust their wrist position.

How is Peripheral Entrapment Neuropathy diagnosed?

If you have nerve pain, your doctor will review your symptoms and medical history, and perform a thorough examination of orthopedic testing and ultrasound diagnostics to determine if you have peripheral nerve entrapment.

How is Peripheral Entrapment Neuropathy treated?

NERVE HYDRODISSECTION – the entrapped nerve is located under ultrasound guidance. The area around the nerve is then flushed with an aqueous solution such as

  • D5W – a 5% dextrose solution in sterile water
  • Procaine – an anesthetic that can reset the action potential of an inflamed nerve
  • Prolozone – a mixture of procaine, b vitamins, D5W, and ozone
  • PRP or PPP – platelet rich plasma and/or platelet poor plasma

ACUPUNCTURE – specific muscle and fascia that are entrapping the nerve are targeted with fine acupuncture needles and released with gentle frequency specific microcurrent

How do I get started treating my nerve pain?

If you have nerve pain, you will begin with a diagnostic appointment with Dr. Matta where he will do a one-hour assessment of your nerve pain before prescribing a treatment plan. While everyone is different, a typical treatment plan will involve 4-8 sessions using nerve hydrodissection and acupuncture. Some need more, while others may need less.

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Ultrasound-guided Perineural Hydrodissection and Acupuncture

45-60 minutes

Once weekly injections until symptoms improve (usually 4-8)

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