Prolotherapy in Philadelphia

Prolotherapy is a regenerative medicine injection technique that stimulates the body’s natural healing process to help heal damaged or weakened joints, relieve pain, and improve range of motion. It can treat chronic pain, arthritis and ligament damage in the spine. The word prolotherapy means “proliferate or promote new growth.”

$750 per session for multiple Joints

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$750 per session for multiple Joints

How Prolotherapy Works

Your cells already know how to heal themselves. Prolotherapy engages your body’s own healing cascade using dextrose, a well-researched easily-absorbed sugar molecule that creates a controlled local inflammatory effect meant to increase blood supply and growth factors to an injury site to stimulate collagen production. Your cells then go to work increasing blood supply and recruiting specific growth factors, platelets and stem cells which stimulate fresh collagen formation and tissue repair, resulting in greater range of motion and decreased pain.

Benefits of Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is a complementary therapy, meaning it is usually administered alongside other types of therapy as a supplement. When combined with other treatments, patients report reduced pain in their affected tissues.

What It Can Treat?

When used alongside other treatments, it can treat chronic and acute pain in injured joints and ligaments. 

How is It performed?

Dr. Matta will first obtain your history and perform diagnostics with ultrasound imaging, orthopedic testing and osteopathic palpation to best understand the nature and location of the injury. After diagnosing the specific area of treatment, Dr. Matta will inject the area with a local anesthetic to ensure a comfortable procedure. The prolotherapy mixture is then injected under ultrasound-guidance to ensure precision. Your body automatically begins to regenerate by sending growth factors, platelets and stem cells to the area to repair and rebuild the damaged tissues. 

How to Get Started

Contact Meeting Point Health through our online contact form or over the phone to schedule a consultation. Dr. Steve Matta might suggest prolotherapy in addition to other forms of treatment depending on the nature and location of your pain.

FAQs About Prolotherapy

Before therapy begins, Meeting Point Health will discuss the risks and benefits and request medical consent. During the procedure, the injection site is given a local anesthetic, usually lidocaine.  After this, the prolotherapy is administered via injection into the damaged tissue.

Generally, the injection site will be sore for a few days following the procedure. It is important that you do not take anti-inflammatory medications during the week after the procedure, as this will negate the procedure’s effects. Use ice to treat pain and discomfort.

Think of prolotherapy as the opposite of a cortisone shot. With a cortisone injection you have immediate pain relief, your immune response is completely stunted, your joint degenerates at a faster pace, and your pain comes back with a vengeance a month or 2 later.

With prolotherapy, you will experience some soreness in the first few days as the body begins to regenerate. Pain relief begins in about one week and the maximum treatment effect results in several weeks as the body regenerates new cells and your joint regains stability and strength.


45-60 minutes

We suggest 3-6 injections spaced apart by one month for maximum benefit. We strongly encourage doing acupuncture treatments between injections to strengthen muscles in the kinetic chain around those joints.

No ice or NSAID use before or after injections. Some soreness is present for up to one week as the joint regenerates. Maximum benefits seen in 4-6 weeks.

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At Meeting Point Health, we help you discover the root cause of your disease, dysfunction, or pain. We ask questions, test and dig deeper to understand what’s happening at a cellular level. All of our treatments are personalized around your findings so you get the exact care you need.

Prolotherapy Treatment In Philadelphia

Prolotherapy treatment in Philadelphia offers a ground-breaking regenerative medicine injection technique that brings hope to those suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, and ligament damage in the spine. This revolutionary therapy stimulates the body’s natural healing process to repair damaged or weakened joints, alleviate pain, and improve the range of motion. Derived from the term “proliferate or promote new growth,” prolotherapy, Meeting Point Health provides this transformative treatment at an affordable rate.

At its core, prolotherapy harnesses your body’s innate ability to heal. By employing dextrose—a sugar molecule well-researched and easily absorbed—this procedure triggers a controlled local inflammatory response, amplifying blood supply and growth factors within an injury site. Consequently, collagen production is stimulated as specific growth factors, platelets, and stem cells are recruited by your cells’ diligent efforts in empowering fresh collagen formation and tissue repair.

The remarkable mechanics behind this therapy enable a more significant range of motion alongside reduced pain levels. As blood supply intensifies and vital growth components come into play following prolotherapy treatment at Meeting Point Health in Philadelphia, it invites your body to embark on its restorative journey towards optimal vitality once again. Incorporating time-tested techniques with cutting-edge medical advancements ensures that prolotherapy treatment conducted by our experienced professionals delivers unparalleled results for patients battling joint-related afflictions.