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Health coaching has proven to bring lasting lifestyle and diet changes and is a key part of the support we provide to our clients at Meeting Point Health. A health coach is your cheerleader, health and wellness guide, and mentor. Adding their support to your wellness journey really rounds out the care that you will receive at Meeting Point Health.

We find that patients succeed at implementing prescribed diet and lifestyle changes in greater numbers when they have a Meeting Point Health Coach in their corner.

Starting at $95 per session

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$110-225 Per Session

What is Health Coaching?

A health coach is a behavior change expert that works alongside you, providing information, support, organization, and accountability either during a phase of acute transformation or healthy lifestyle management. This is a client-centered journey, helping connect your purpose to your deepest motivations. Lifestyle changes can be simple, but they are certainly not easy. Health coaches bridge the gap between what a client knows that they need to do to be healthy and happy and the motivation, planning, and guidance they need to make and sustain those changes.

Benefits of Seeing a Health Coach

The benefits of seeing a health coach are as limitless as the benefits of meeting any of the goals that the client has set forth for themselves. That being said, here are some of the biggest benefits for seeing a health coach:

A Word From Our Coach

Hi! I’m Shannon, the IV nurse and health coach at Meeting Point Health. I was introduced to functional and regenerative medicine at Meeting Point from a bit of a different perspective than your average employee… I was a patient! I was dealing with an extremely frustrating autoimmune health condition that felt like it was taking over my life. I had exhausted all of the conventional resources offered by my doctor, tried many different diet changes on my own, and was only becoming more inflamed and developing more symptoms as time passed. 

At the time I was working in a busy emergency room, at the height of the pandemic, and my condition was becoming worse, until I was given a book by a friend at work that spurred me to look to functional medicine for answers, and I found functional medicine at Meeting Point Health. After my first meeting with Mary Anne, I got so much of what I felt I was missing from other medical professionals – I left feeling heard, my opinion and intuition valued, and I received hope for true healing. 

We did lots of testing, from which I learned more than I knew was possible, despite working in healthcare. Mary Anne recommended that I start an AIP diet and completely stop eating sugar immediately.

These were significant and necessary diet changes, but the process left me feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I succeeded in making the changes eventually, but I had plenty of setbacks, and often had a hard time rationalizing why I was putting myself through this experience if I wasn’t seeing any immediate benefits. I consistently lamented to Mary Anne about why she was putting me through this! She encouraged me to stay the course and to stay curious, confident that we would find the source of my chronic inflammatory symptoms.   

The diet changes helped slightly, but it was clear that we were still missing something. I was getting tired and willing to do anything to find the cause, and the team at Meeting Point was right there with me. Mary Anne asked me to stay curious, and it was clear that she would not give up on me. After a bit more research, we decided to do more testing, and low and behold… MOLD

That’s what every patient gets here at Meeting Point Health – curiosity. They will dig and ask questions if it’s not so obvious at first. We had found the source of my problem – something that is so often left undone in conventional medicine – and now we could treat it! With all of the resources at Meeting Point in the IV room, with acupuncture, cupping…etc., plus everything I had done to reduce inflammation at home, I responded immediately to treatment and was so encouraged. I had spent 8 months healing my gut, ridding it of candida, taking supplements, reducing inflammation, and reducing mental and physical stress – I even took a leave of absence from work. I was worried that the diet and lifestyle changes that I had made were for nothing, but when we started reducing the toxicity, all of that hard work fell into place. Underneath the toxicity, my body was ready and the relief was all that I dreamed it would be! 

When I decided to change my career and start working with patients in the functional medicine world, I wanted to fill the need that I had in the beginning of this process. Diet and lifestyle change SUPPORT! More specifically, hand-holding support and accountability. Someone to help me stay connected to my why, my motivation, and to help me make changes slowly to prevent burnout, frustration, and overwhelm. The Mattas were more than supportive and so, I began a comprehensive health coaching and functional medicine course, and now I get to be that person for the patients at Meeting Point Health.

I work with Mary Anne and Dr. Matta to aid patients in not only implementing the recommended diet and lifestyle changes, but also to understand diagnoses, learning about treatment and support, and to take control of their own health and wellbeing. I am so excited to get to work with and support you on your journey to true healing.

FAQs about Health Coaching

  • Make diet and lifestyle change less intimidating and more achievable 
  • Support along the journey toward your ideal health and wellness 
  • Keep you from giving up!
  • Actually seeing results from the major changes you’re making in your life 
  • Get the most out of the resources that you are spending on your health

Our health coach is currently excelling in the final stages of dual certification programs with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and the Institute for Functional Medicine, respectively. Program completion is expected in March 2022. Our health coach is well versed and highly capable of practicing the Functional Medicine principles and methodologies.

A Health Coach is different from a trainer, different from a nutritionist, different from a therapist. Health coaches don’t just give you a run of the mill list of what to eat and what to do in order to feel. We work with you to make a personalized plan that works for you, taking into consideration all of your needs and intuitions. Then, we stick it out alongside you, providing helpful education, resources and support whenever needed. In a Health Coach, you are really finding a partner.


1 hour

3-6 times over the course of your treatment protocol

Exponential benefit over time, even if it feels like a roller coaster!

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At Meeting Point Health, we help you discover the root cause of your disease, dysfunction, or pain. We ask questions, test and dig deeper to understand what’s happening at a cellular level. All of our treatments are personalized around your findings so you get the exact care you need.

Health Coach Philadelphia

At Meeting Point Health, we understand the significance of incorporating health coaching into our range of services in Philadelphia. As a proven method for fostering lasting lifestyle and diet changes, health coaching is crucial in supporting our clients throughout their wellness journey. By enlisting the expertise of a knowledgeable health coach, individuals gain access to not only an unwavering cheerleader but also a competent guide well-versed in promoting overall health and wellbeing. Acting as mentors, our esteemed team of health coaches empowers clients to make informed decisions about their healthcare choices.

By adding the invaluable support of a Health Coach to your care at Meeting Point Health, you can expect a well-rounded approach to improving your overall well-being. Through our expertise and guidance, I have witnessed how patients can implement prescribed diet and lifestyle modifications more easily.

Our team of dedicated professionals understands that achieving long-lasting lifestyle and dietary changes can only be challenging with personalized guidance and encouragement. This is where our esteemed Health Coach Philadelphia steps in, serving as your ultimate cheerleader, wellness guide, and mentor throughout your journey towards optimal health. By working alongside you, we ensure that all aspects of your care at Meeting Point Health are seamlessly integrated with invaluable expertise. Research has repeatedly shown that patients with the privilege of having a knowledgeable and compassionate health coach are more likely to implement prescribed diet and lifestyle modifications successfully.