Gut Health and Functional Medicine in Philedelphia

Your gut health is incredibly important, and is a key focus in functional medicine. The gut is often called the “second brain”, as it houses 100 million neurons. It is responsible for digestion, absorption of nutrients, and the production of hormones and enzymes. It has even been called the “first brain” by some researchers; this is because it contains a large proportion of the body’s serotonin and 50% of its dopamine!  

When the gut is healthy, it absorbs all of the nutrients from our food, resulting in a strong immune system, balanced hormones and neurotransmitters. When the gut is unhealthy, undigested foods, pathogens and toxins can enter the bloodstream causing inflammation, discomfort, bloating, skin disorders, autoimmune disorders, hormone imbalances which lead to feelings of anxiety and depression.

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Common Conditions related to poor gut health:

How do we treat gut related disorders?

  1. Remove – eliminate all triggering and inflammatory food and drink from your diet. Your doctor and health coach will make this easy and reasonable
  2. Replace – digestive juices that are deficient and leading to maldigestion and malabsorption such as digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid, and bile
  3. Reinoculate – this begins with reestablishing the gut flora by eating prebiotic and probiotic foods. Sometimes a probiotic is prescribed
  4. Repair – your gut needs a new lining and proper motility so you will need things like acupuncture as well as DGL, bone broth, and L-glutamine to name a few
  5. Rebalance – this is about creating a sustainable lifestyle and managing your stress response. Our lives are not always perfect, but we can bring self awareness to the things that are nourishing and life-giving and invest in our bodies

How do I get started treating my gut issues?

The team at Meeting Point will perform an advanced analysis of your nutritional markers, hormones, gut health, and detoxification pathways. We will also run an analysis of your stool, urine, blood, and saliva, depending on what you need.

Once we determine the state of your gut health and any underlying conditions, we create an individualized protocol. Your treatment will include a medicinal nutrition plan, herbal therapy supplementation, and acupuncture or cupping therapy. Depending on the severity of your condition, we may also prescribe amino acid infusion therapy or ozone.

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Once weekly visits for 12 weeks which can include one or more of the following: health coaching, acupuncture, ozone insufflations, infrared sauna, amino acid infusions

45-60 minutes

Typically no downtime; maximum benefits begin at 4 weeks

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