NAD+ IV Therapy in Philadelphia, PA

As we age, navigating feelings of sluggishness, brain fog, or weakening muscles can be overwhelming. Maybe you’ve tried medications that haven’t worked, or you’re looking for preventative measures against cognitive function decline. 

NAD+ IV therapy is an effective treatment that can help improve your energy, mood, and focus and sharpen your mind. If you’re ready to explore this therapy, reach out to us at Meeting Point Health today, and we’ll get you set up with your first consultation in Philadelphia.

$500 per infusion, with packages available
NAD and Iv Therapy_Meeting Point Health
$500 per infusion, with packages available

What is NAD+ IV Therapy?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme in all living things essential to energy production. As we get older, our levels naturally decrease, leading to health complications and chronic conditions like fatigue, anxiety, depression, and brain fog.  

With this therapy in Philadelphia, you’ll get an infusion of the coenzyme to help stimulate cell regeneration and counteract cellular aging.  

What conditions does it Treat?

This therapy has been researched in treating a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • Chronic Fatigue 
  • Brain Fog
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Poor Detoxification 
  • Mitochondrial Disorders

This therapy can also help you detox if you experience substance misuse or withdrawal symptoms, as well as help boost athletic performance. 

What are the Benefits of NAD+ IV Therapy?

Pursuing this therapy can have many benefits that improve your health and well-being. It is a naturally-occurring coenzyme within your body that dissipates with age. By infusing your system, you’re essentially reversing the effects of cellular aging, helping you feel energized and promoting mental clarity. 

What’s Involved in a Session?

Before your infusion, you’ll meet with one of our functional medicine providers to thoroughly review your health concerns, medical history, and goals. After that initial evaluation, your provider will outline a treatment plan, set up any necessary testing, and schedule your first session, which runs at least 60 minutes. 

NAD+ IV Therapy FAQs

NAD+ IV therapy activates your brain function by regenerating cells and preventing cellular damage. Research has implicated NAD in DNA repair and protecting the genome. Because of its role in the mitochondria (energy factory of the cell), an infusion can improve your mental clarity, increase your energy, and improve detoxification pathways. 

Yes. It is completely safe as it involves infusing coenzymes that you already naturally produce within your body. While receiving your infusions, you can experience flushing, nausea, or heaviness. While this is a normal reaction, it only lasts during your drip. After your infusion, you may receive a burst of energy.

Our functional medicine providers at Meeting Point Health will thoroughly evaluate your medical history and current symptoms to identify the best treatment plan for you. To ensure your treatment plan works as intended, we ask all patients to commit to coming at least once monthly for three months of therapy, however those who can come in weekly will see more benefit. 

After NAD+ IV therapy, you may experience better focus, increased mood, and higher energy. Some patients have also reported that it was easier for them to lose weight after continued infusions. In addition, testosterone levels may rise in some people. 

Yes. NAD regulates your immune system’s function on a cellular level, reducing inflammation and improving brain fog and energy levels.


60 minutes and up

typically once a week when on a protocol; can also be performed same day to optimize other therapies such as a PRP joint injection or Morpheus microneedling

Depending on the injectable used, patients can have some fatigue, nausea, or increased energy the day of treatment. Improvements in well-being can begin within 24 hours

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