Prolozone in Philadelphia

What is Prolozone?

Prolozone, otherwise known as Ozone Joint Therapy, is a combination of neural therapy, oxygen therapy, and prolotherapy. It is one of the best non-surgical ligament reconstruction therapies if you are looking for a non-surgical option.

Prolozone is an injection procedure into damaged joints that combines procaine, dextrose, B vitamins, saline, oxygen and ozone into a damaged joint to stimulate regrowth of damaged tissue.

$750 per session for multiple Joints

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$750 per session for multiple Joints

Am I Candidate?

Natural aging, overuse, or injury can and will cause damage and degeneration to our connective tissues. If we can create controlled stress through exercise, our joints stay strong through aging and use. When a joint does degenerate or become damaged, the immune system launches a response to heal and regenerate the area by sending increased blood circulation, stem cells, and other growth factors. When we’re young and/or strong, it is possible to heal from injury. But why do some injuries never heal? What goes wrong with our immune system to stunt the process of healing?

The problem is that our immune system is working hard to meet the challenges of our environments and lifestyles. This leads to a weakened response as we age or when we are injured. If you’re looking to heal without steroids or surgery at any age or health level, then Regenerative therapies like Prolozone are necessary to stimulate your innate healing response.

How does it Work?

Prolozone promotes blood circulation in the injured area of connective tissue. It allows the damaged tissue to heal and restore full function by stimulating the immune system and enhancing oxygen utilization in a restricted region of injured connective tissue.

How Does Prolozone Differ from Cortisone Shots?

Cortisone is a bandaid solution. It treats the symptoms only by stunting the immune system and inactivating vitamin D. By weakening your body’s healing ability, cortisone will cause long term degeneration of the joint. Your ligaments, tendons, and muscles will deteriorate with multiple cortisone shots.

Prolozone is a regenerative procedure that recruits and boosts your own growth factors and blood circulation to decrease inflammation immediately and help strengthen and rebuild tendons, ligaments and muscles.

How is it Administered?

Dr. Matta will first assess you with orthopedic testing, ultrasound diagnostics, and osteopathic palpation before treating you. When a primary diagnosis is made, he then performs the injection with ultrasound guidance.

FAQs About Prolozone


45-60 minutes

Varies by diagnosis. An acute injury may only need 2-3 injections, while chronic pain such as in TOS, can require upwards of 8 or more. Oftentimes,  we are preparing a joint for PRP with a few Prolozone injections to ensure maximum benefit of your investment.

typically no downtime; you will begin to see benefits immediately and maximum benefits achieved with repeat treatment

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