Mold toxicity is a condition caused by toxic compounds called mycotoxins that are given off by certain types of mold. Mold is all around us, and the vast majority of them are not dangerous to us, but occasionally we come into contact with harmful molds that release mycotoxins, and in the perfect storm, our bodies are unable to detox or process out the mycotoxins. This allows them to build up in the body and take a serious toll on our health.

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The symptoms of mold illness can vary wildly and that is due to its chemical structure. Mold is both hydrophobic and hydrophilic, able to get into both fat-loving tissue like nerves and water-loving tissue like blood. This leads to a wide array of symptoms. No two presentations are ever alike.


Most of the time, a general diagnosis of mycotoxin toxicity can be made based on symptoms and history living in a humid or water-damaged environment, but we also encourage the following tests:


The most important thing for us to do when we are working with mycotoxins is to optimize your body’s detoxification processes to process out the toxins. We do this in a few different ways including:

Oftentimes, mold illness is concurrent with Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses and can lead to treatment resistance if the mold has not been treated first.

Treatment will always depend on you, your symptoms, and what feels manageable to you. If you have struggled with mold illness or have been suspicious of it, do not be discouraged. We have lots of tools in our medicine bag and we will stay the course with you.

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At Meeting Point, we use the power of integrative and regenerative medicine to treat your back pain.

MEDICAL ACUPUNCTURE. Acupuncture uses needles to stimulate nerve activity, initiate muscle firing and induce the release of chemical substances such as neurotransmitters, endorphins, and hormones. This helps to reduce pain and boost your body’s natural healing ability.

PROLOTHERAPY. Prolotherapy is an injectable therapy, that uses proliferative agents, such as dextrose, saline, and vitamins to stimulate your body’s self-healing mechanisms.

PRP. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP); platelets harvested from your blood are injected at the site of the injury. Platelets contain growth factors that augment the natural healing ability of your body.

PROLOZONE. A treatment in which high levels of oxygen are injected to stimulate the natural healing cascades of the body.

NERVE HYDRODISSECTION. Involves the use of ultrasound-guided injections of an aqueous regenerative solution such as D5W to flush space around an entrapped nerve.

PLACENTAL MATRIX STEM CELL. Injection of PMSC into painful and degenerative joints, especially in the spine.

IV THERAPY. Certain IV treatments can help regenerate nerve tissue and treat chronic infection such as ozone and phosphatidylcholine.

OSTEOPATHIC MANIPULATION. A one hour hands-on therapeutic adjustment of structural issues; especially helpful when there is hypersensitivity and a non-needle approach is more beneficial.

 If you have chronic or acute pain, and conventional therapies have failed, please call our offices. Dr. Matta uses expert diagnostics in osteopathic palpation, ultrasound imaging, and comprehensive functional movement testing to ensure the treatment is effective and efficient.


Starting at $150 per treatment

60 min

Typically once per week

All of our orthopedic treatments usually require no downtime. We recommend no NSAIDS, ice, or heavy lifting before and after treatment to encourage recovery.

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