Cupping Therapy in Philadelphia


Cupping therapy is a medical treatment that is used to treat pain, increase blood flow and help promote relaxation. The procedure uses vacuum pressure to dilate blood vessels on the surface of the skin. The devices used to generate suction look like tiny cups, which is where the procedure got its name. 

Early versions of the procedure used cups of various materials and a flame to generate the suction, but now most cupping procedures are performed with rubber pumps and glass cups.

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What Cupping Therapy Can Treat

This therapy is often used to treat conditions such as neck pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tennis elbow. It can also be beneficial for treating respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. Some people also use it for cosmetic purposes, such as reducing the appearance of cellulite or wrinkles.


Cupping therapy is used to treat pain resulting from arthritis, fibromyalgia or other chronic pain. Also, cupping can help with migraines, anxiety, depression and high blood pressure. Some patients seek cupping as a treatment for certain skin diseases like acne and eczema.  

How To Get Started

If you are interested in getting started with cupping therapy, contact Meeting Point Health online or over the phone to schedule an appointment with one of our trained practitioners. 

FAQs about Cupping Therapy

It is performed by placing sterile cups on the skin. The therapist will use suction to create a vacuum inside the cup, which then pulls the skin and muscles up into the cup causing. This creates a massaging effect and decompression of tight soft tissue that improves blood flow, provides pain relief and stimulates the immune system.

If you are interested in alternative therapies to treat pain and other illnesses, then cupping therapy is a viable, time-tested treatment worth exploring. If you are in good health, you might consider cupping therapy in addition to other treatments like acupuncture. 

No! The therapeutic technique of cupping is not painful.  In fact, most people find it to be a very relaxing and soothing experience.

It is a very safe and effective treatment, provided that it is performed by a trained medical professional. Many celebrities and athletes have turned to this therapy to help with various conditions and to improve their overall health. Some of these include Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Phelps and Russell Crowe!

It is a safe treatment. However, you will have circular red bruising where the cups have been placed. These areas of redness are not painful, but if you are headed to the beach or a wedding, you may want to think twice about receiving cupping beforehand.


30 minutes

3-5 treatments, sometimes more depending on the severity of the case

No downtime. Circular redness will diminish within a week.

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