Muscular Pain Treatment in Philadelphia

Muscular Pain is pain felt in tight muscles.  Tight muscles  often do not cause pain or stiffness in and of themselves. However, when a tight muscle is overused it may cause “trigger points” which are knots in the muscles that can be extremely painful. Muscular pain can also come from problems such as poor posture, lack of physical activity, and other similar issues. The good news is that muscular pain can be effectively treated by Trigger Point Therapy , which uses pressure applied to the trigger point to relieve the discomfort caused by the knot in the muscle.

Starting at $750 per injection

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Starting at $750 per injection

What are the causes of Muscular Pain

Muscle strain: Muscle strain often occurs after a workout or exertion of some kind. The muscle will become fatigued and slowly start to hurt more intensely until eventually it becomes very painful and stiff – this is the classic symptom of a strain.

Muscle spasms: Muscle spasms can occur on their own or as a result of muscle strain. They are typically very sudden and painful, coming on without warning and leaving just as quickly. Trigger points can be caused by muscle spasms or may be associated with them.

Poor posture: Poor posture puts a lot of stress on muscles that are overused in order to keep balance and this can often cause trigger points. Tight muscles from poor posture is especially common among those who spend long hours sitting down at desks every day for work or school.

Lack of physical activity: Those who do not engage in regular physical activity will typically have tight muscles as a result . Over time these tight muscles will develop trigger points which may cause pain and discomfort.

What are Treatment Options for Muscular Pain

Trigger Point Therapy: Trigger point therapy is a treatment options for muscular pain.  With trigger point therapy the trigger points are injected  with a needle using medication, normally either 5% Dextrose or Procaine.  These injections allow the trigger point to release which  relieves the pain.  This form of therapy is virtually risk free and requires little to no recovery time.  

Acupuncture with stimulation is another treatment option. Treatment involves acupuncture needles being placed at the trigger point and then pulsed with electrical current to help.

The key to controlling muscular pain is identifying what triggers it in the patient’s specific case and then coming up with the best way(s) of alleviating that discomfort. Trigger Point Therapy should be one of many options considered as a possible treatment method and other methods may also help improve comfort levels and decrease pain as well.

If you have an allergy to anesthetic please inform the doctor and they can make adjustments to avoid an allergic reaction.  


60 min

Typically once per week

Often, there is immediate relief and you can not only resume your activities but perform your previous activities with less pain.  Occasionally therapy may be soreness, that resolves within 24-48 hours and does not interfere with your day to activities

Often you can achieve significant relief after the first treatment.  We usually recommend a series of 6-10 treatments to achieve long lasting relief

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