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We are an all-inclusive boutique functional medical clinic. We welcome our prospective patients to contact Meeting Point Health by calling our New Patient Onboarding Specialist, at 215-298-9928 (Extension Option 1).

New Patient Onboarding Process


We are proud to say that our onboarding team members are prior patients and will help you understand what it means to be a patient of Meeting Point Health and guide you through your healing journey with us. Tell them your story and ask all the questions you need to get started!

Securing the appointment

When making the initial consultation, we require a credit card to secure the appointment to ensure a commitment to the process. While we only charge the card after the appointment, we do require 72-hour notice of cancellation in order not to incur the full cost of the visit.

Electronic Intake

You will also receive an email with a link to our patient portal to complete all intake forms, health history and upload previous labs in preparation for the consultation. Please complete it immediately after you receive it so that our team can review and prepare.

New Patient Consultation: What To Expect

Patients must arrive on time or even a little early so that they may receive the full consultation.

New Patient Consultations:

Regenerative Orthopedics – 60 minutes
Functional Medicine – 90 minutes
*Please call for pricing

New Functional Medicine Patients

Patients meet with Dr. Stephen and Mary Anne Matta, our Functional Medicine specialists, who will provide a thorough clinical evaluation and planning of your treatment protocol. Patients should allow at least 90 minutes for the intake and consultation. Please bring all medications and supplements to the appointment to review.


Our providers work hard to order preliminary labs from Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics. There are times when more sophisticated specialty testing is recommended. Specialty lab kits are provided in our clinic for the patient to take with them or can be ordered to be shipped to the patient’s home. Please refer to our Testing Page for more information on specialty testing.


Preliminary recommendations are made at the initial consultation before your Lab Review appointment, at which time, a precise individualized plan will be mapped out.

Payment & Scheduling

Our 3-month care plans typically start at $2k for at-home protocols. Infusion plans start at $8K for 12 weekly infusions. Care plans can be higher depending on what you require. 


Most functional medicine patients are on an infusion plan and coming in to the clinic once weekly. Check-ins with your physician are scheduled at regular intervals. Along the way, you will have a team of amazing healthcare professionals, including our nurses and health coaches, checking in and rooting for you!

New Regenerative Orthopedic Patients

Patients can expect an intake with Dee Custer, RN and then proceed with Dr. Stephen Matta, DO who will provide an in-depth clinical evaluation using orthopedic, osteopathic, functional movement, and ultrasound diagnostics. Patients should allow 60 minutes for the evaluation and treatment planning.


Dr. Matta may want to see additional imaging such as MRI or X-ray diagnostics. Please bring a copy of your CD if you have had previous imaging and your radiology report. If you still need to get imaging done, Dr. Matta may order more imaging

Payment & Scheduling

Regenerative Orthopedic care plans typically include at least 4 injections and medical acupuncture with osteopathic manipulation. Ultrasound-guided Injections with Dr. Matta start at $750/session. Please call for pricing on PRP and stem cell therapy. Discounted package pricing is available. 

Payment Options

Prompt-Pay Discounts

Meeting Point Health offers a 5-20% discount for both functional and regenerative medicine care plans. Patients may complete treatments in 6 months, depending on what is prescribed.


Patients may choose to finance the package with CareCredit to submit payments over time without incurring a finance charge if paid within a year. Discounts do not apply for financing plans, as Meeting Point Health covers the financing charges for all our patients for that first year.

Individual Treatments

We strongly encourage commitment to full care plans as that is where we see the most clinical success; however, some patients pay per session.

Why We Do Not Accept Insurance

Our practitioners and staff fully understand and empathize with the challenges that patients face as they make financial decisions for proper health care. Our practice is very different from a conventional medical practice in many ways, but the time spent with each patient is usually 30-90 minutes. Visits with a physician covered by insurance generally allow for less than 10 minutes total! Conventional medical practices that take insurance maintain brief office visits and high patient loads for this reason. We cannot provide the expert care that every one of our patients deserves under those circumstances.

Insurance also dictates the types of treatments and order of treatments patients can receive for a particular condition. For example, if you visit your physician for chronic knee pain, they will likely start with a steroid injection because insurance requires that you exhaust steroid injection efforts before discussing other options, which may possibly impair your overall chances of recovery. Not good! 

Opting out of insurance allows the patient and the doctor to maintain their medical autonomy, which is imperative to ensure you get the right treatment at the right time and the right dose.

Insurance Reimbursement

Good news! If you have out-of-network insurance benefits, you can submit your receipts for potential reimbursement. Depending on your plan, you may receive a percentage of the cost of your visit back either as a reimbursement check in the mail from the insurance company (or an equivalent amount applied to your out-of-network deductible, if applicable). Some plans reimburse up to 80%! All you have to do is ask the front desk for an insurance receipt after your visit.


Since we do not have a billing department or participate with any insurance plans, Meeting Point Health is unable to bill Medicare/Medicaid for treatment; therefore, we can only manage non-Medicare/Medicaid-covered services.

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