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You don’t want drugs, steroids, or surgery to treat your pain? You can benefit from the power of regenerative medicine at Meeting Point in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, under the expert care of integrative, regenerative, and functional medicine expert, Dr. Steve Matta, DO, MBA, CAQSM. Dr. Matta is a Regenerative Sports Medicine Physician licensed and dually board-certified in Primary Care and Non-Surgical Orthopedics. He specializes in the management of pain conditions using innovative cutting-edge holistic therapies. Call the Meeting Point office for more information, or schedule an appointment by requesting an appointment online today.


What is regenerative medicine?

As we age, the body naturally degenerates, but the body’s ability to regenerate is always there even as we age, and that is the core belief of Regenerative Medicine. With the use of specific agents that promote tissue regeneration, the body can heal itself. Several injectable or infused agents such as dextrose, ozone, procaine, exosomes, peptides, and vitamins can stimulate the body’s own healing processes. In addition, we use other regenerative therapies such as acupuncture and osteopathic manipulation to promote self-healing.


What kinds of injections are involved in regenerative medicine?



Prolotherapy is an injectable technique used to promote the body’s own healing mechanism with proliferative agents such as dextrose. It is used especially in joint laxity or tears. Where steroids stop the body’s inflammatory mechanism, Prolotherapy injections do the exact opposite by utilizing that inflammatory mechanism to trigger regrowth of collagen in an otherwise degenerating joint. 


Prolozone is a very effective technique that involves injecting a formula of procaine, anti-inflammatory medications, vitamins, minerals, dextrose, and ozone/oxygen gas into degenerated or injured joints, and into areas of pain. We use Prolozone as a first line of treatment when starting with regenerative medicine. 

Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy is a very gentle injection technique aimed at the superficial nerve endings near the surface of the skin. In aiming the injectable (which is usually Procaine) into this space, the body changes the nerve response in the local area. Neural therapy is extremely effective in chronic pain and healing of scar tissue.

Peptide Therapy

Peptides are the building blocks of proteins. Your body naturally makes them and are used in a wide range of biological functioning. Peptides are responsible for managing metabolic activity, DNA replication, cell signaling, and other important functions. This newly emerging science is the future of healthcare. Peptides can be applied in the treatment of injuries in our office for joint injections, or at home via subcutaneous injections (just below the skin surface.)

Nerve Hydrodissection 

Nerve entrapments are quite common in pain conditions, even in very athletic strong patients. A procedure involves ultrasound-guided injections of an aqueous regenerative solution such as saline, homeopathics, exosomes, or placental matrix to create space around an entrapped nerve.

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