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Functional medicine is getting to the root cause of dysfunction. As Regenerative and Functional Medicine experts, Dr. Steve Matta, DO, MBA, CAQSM, and Mary Anne Matta, MS, MA, LAC, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, use the power of investigation and partnerships with patients to understand and treat chronic disease and dysfunction. Whether you are suffering from autoimmune disease, digestive problems, migraines, allergies, Lyme, mold, or other toxicity, we can help you on your path to healing. Call the Meeting Point office for more information, or schedule a discovery call by requesting an appointment online today.


What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a specialty of medicine that relies on the relationship between the doctor and patient, as well as higher-level lab testing to finally get to the root cause of disease and dysfunction.

Functional Medicine understands the complexity of disease. A specialist in Functional Medicine may find one root cause (such as candida) that may result in many different diseases (skin rashes, sinusitis, digestive problems) one disease (such as migraine) has many different causes (neck pain, eye disturbances, infection, food sensitivities). That means that no two presentations are alike. Everyone is different and that requires curiosity and investigation.

How is Functional Medicine different from conventional medicine?

Functional Medicine transforms lives! It is so unique in its perception of health, going beyond the physical symptoms. We look at every single organ system, your life history, your environment, your relationships, and your mindset, all so we can get to finding the root cause. Your symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg and a sign that a deeper imbalance is hiding beneath. 

This medicine will take you on a journey of introspection and self-awareness that unearths the mysteries of the body so that you can finally understand how and why your body has shifted into the disharmony it now presents with.

What factors do we look at in Functional Medicine when assessing disease?

Understanding why we get sick is what we do in Functional Medicine. It takes a lot of digging to get to the root cause of dysfunction. Multiple factors are at play. It is never just one thing. If you've been sick and have been to multiple specialists with no answers, it is time to see a Functional Medicine specialist.

How is Meeting Point different from other Functional Medicine clinics?

At Meeting Point, we have a unique East-meets-West approach to Functional Medicine. It is a beautiful synchrony of the best of ancient and modern functional medicine approaches. 

We combine your self-awareness with deeper functional testing and use that to create your individualized precision protocol to put you on the best path to success. 

We also go beyond testing and use innovative cutting-edge treatments in our offices including acupuncture, IV therapy, stem cell therapy, peptides, exosomes, nebulizing treatments, regenerative injection therapy, and hands-on manipulation such as osteopathy.

Curiosity is our modus operandi here at Meeting Point. We’d love to walk alongside you in your health journey and start unearthing the root cause. No case is too challenging or too easy. 

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