Tara Roulis

Hi! I’m Tara, your Patient Care Coordinator and Office Manager at Meeting Point. I started working here in October 2021, but my journey here began in early 2020 as a patient. I had been sick for over a year and wasn’t getting any relief from the numerous specialists I was seeing. A friend of mine recommended seeing the Mattas at Meeting Point Health and thank goodness she did. I saw Dr. Matta 3 times for osteopathic manipulation to try to relieve the debilitating migraines I was having daily. On my 4th visit he talked to me about Lyme disease and suggested seeing his wife, Mary Anne. That visit changed everything. At that point we started treating Lyme with ozone, diet changes, and supplementation. It took about 10 months, but I am now completely better. There were so many times in that 10 months that I thought I would never get better and Mary Anne assured me that, while it would take some time, I would. I’m grateful for her faith in my body and the treatment plan when it was hard for me to trust the process, because she was right. Aside from working with an incredible team of people, one of the best parts of working here is being a part of that healing process for others. It’s a gift to be able to have faith in others and their healing journeys when they don’t yet have it themselves.

Tara Roulis_Meeting Point Health