Rachel Doreian

Onboarding Specialist and Marketing Manager

My passion for true wellness, led me to a variety of jobs over the years that in some way connected to the realm of health. With my B.A. in Communications/Journalism in hand, I started out my post-collegiate career working in the marketing department at Jeanes Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. Interestingly enough, one of my first tasks was to write about the complementary health programs that the hospital provided. I interviewed the hospital’s practitioners in Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other areas in order to bring awareness of these services. The marrying of both concepts of modern medicine and ancient practices seemed innocuous at the time to me, however looking back, was par for the course of both my personal and professional life. 
After my time in the hospital system, I entered into the area of medical education. I would say that this experience was the real turning point regarding my view on medicine and treating patients. I noticed that all of our physician education programs were funded by pharmaceutical companies: Subsequently all of the discussed therapies and solutions were completely pharmaceutical-based. The educational seminars didn’t explore anything related to diet, exercise, lifestyle and other natural methodologies of treatment. I knew there had to be a more holistic way of educating physicians when it came to treating patients. Disenchanted with the whole process, I left the medical world and entered the Natural Products space for a few years.

During that time, my health took a nosedive. My energy completely flatlined; to the point where I had to have coffee brought up to me and essentially poured into my mouth to even get out of bed every morning. I started to notice my anxiety increasing, my existing digestive issues ramped up, increased sensitivity to all foods, sleep issues, sinus issues, and neurological issues such as dizziness and extreme headaches. I didn’t know what was going on with my body. I knew that I wouldn’t find the answers to my ailments inside the conventional medicine model, so I sought out practitioners who would align with my core values of getting to the root cause of my issues.. I was so grateful to have discovered Dr. Steve and Mary Anne Matta here at Meeting Point Health to help diagnose me with Lymes Disease and Mold toxicity. Working at Meeting Point Health makes me feel as if I am a part of the movement to shift the paradigm on medicine, health and healing.

Rachel Doreian Meeting Point Health


Shippensburg University – Bachelor of Arts – Communication/Journalism | Concentration: Public Relations| Minor: English – 2004

Integrative Nutritional Health Coach – Institute for Integrative Nutrition – 2016